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Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa – DRM Revival Mod Update 1.1 released

Back in April, the DRM modding team their awesome DRM Revival mod for the Assetto Corsa racing simulator. The mod represents a quality virtual version of the awesome Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft Gruppe 5 Touring car and Sportscar racing series from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Now the DRM modding team has released the DRM Revival mod V1.1 updating various physics, graphics and sound assets of the modding project.

Changelog V1.1
All Cars
PHYSICS: more brake power for cold brakes under 150-degree Celsius
PHYSICS: more tire grip at temperatures less than 60-degree celsius
PHYSICS: new tire called “endurance” with less wear rate and more heating stability.
PHYSICS: the advanced suspension setup to adjust the bump and rebound of the damper is now enabled
PHYSICS: KI improvements and a new ai_tyres.ini for the pit stop
GRAPHICS: backfire with reworked animation and textures
GRAPHICS: wobbling mirror deactivated
GRAPHICS: reworked shift and fuel lights
GRAPHICS: driver view camera position fixed, please check you camera position
GRAPHICS: correct mirror aspect ratio
GRAPHICS: brighter gauge light
UI: corrected car information and technical data
SOUNDS: tweaked Turbo sounds
SOUNDS: surround sounds enabled
MANUAL: updated the information about new “Endurance” tire and brake temps.
RMT 1001
GRAPHICS: completely new cockpit (models, textures and materials)
GRAPHICS: new RPM/TURBO gauge textures
GRAPHICS: new steering wheel texture/material and some 3dmodel adjustments
GRAPHICS: template fix
GRAPHICS: body map texture fix
GRAPHICS: hood vents fix
GRAPHICS: driver door uv/model fix
GRAPHICS: rear wings smoothed and some hard edges eliminated (both wings)
RMT 120
PHYSICS: modified lag for the turbo
PHYSICS: modified power less than 5.000 U/min for better KI starting
SOUNDS: new internal and external sounds for RMT 120_1
SOUNDS: new internal and external sounds for RMT 120_2
GRAPHICS: new door handles (period correct from the ra28)
GRAPHICS: added hood vents (also from the ra28)
GRAPHICS: fixed a showroom issue for the Delikata
SOUNDS: tweaked external and internal sounds
GRAPHICS: smoothed the dash light models
GRAPHICS: new gauge textures
PHYSICS: modified lag for the turbo
GRAPHICS: fixed the internal windshield banner
GRAPHICS: smoothed dash lights
GRAPHICS: new dash light textures
GRAPHICS: fixed reflection in the window frame
GRAPHICS: added new dashpad material/textures/shader
GRAPHICS: revised cockpit shaders with new effects and some textures
GRAPHICS: closed the gaps in the door internal panels
GRAPHICS: revised steering wheel shader/textures
GRAPHICS: fixed shifter animations timing
GRAPHICS: fixed car body map file
PHYSICS: modified lag for both turbos
SOUNDS: new internal sounds
GRAPHICS: new shift light
PHYSICS: modified lag for the turbo
PHYSICS: little more power over 8.000 rpm
PHYSICS: modified 5th gear
SOUNDS: tweaked internal sounds
PHYSICS: fixed issues with a LUT-files, no more errors will be written into the log files
PHYSICS: reducing the number of objects with the same material. Should help with performance.
PHYSICS: modified front suspension. It will change the FFB, please check the FFB value in-game.
GRAPHICS: added shift and fuel lights
PHYSICS: modified front suspension. It will change the FFB, please check the FFB value in-game.
PHYSICS: modified lag for both turbos
PHYSICS: modified power for better KI starting
PHYSICS: fixed wastegate at rpm limiter
SOUNDS: tweaked internal sounds
The 10 iconic car models of the DRM Revival mod for Assetto Corsa are available as a payware mod package for a very modest €15. So let’s support the people behind this awesome project.

DRM Revival Mod Features
17 different cars (10 car models in a total of 17 configurations)
Nearly all cars come up with individual physics and sounds
Featuring fully detailed car models
Each car has 4 LOD levels for a perfect performance at online races
Visible damage with wobbling parts and scratches ( see pictures below )
Mechanical damage: Kill the engine with over revs on downshifts or driving too long with too much boost!
A visible transition from a clean to a dirty car ( see pictures below )
Animated parts like the shifter, exhaust, engine parts, mirror, wipers and more
Adjustable turbo boost during all race sessions
Different pit stop times for changing the tires, suspension and car body repair and the refuel time
Implementation of cold and hot brakes and tires
Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft – Gruppe 5
The DRM Revival Mod will recreate the fast and spectacular DRM Cars that were raced from 1972 to 1985. The DRM Group 5 series was divided into 2 groups. Division 1 was made up by iconic cars as the Porsche 935 Turbo, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo and the Zakspeed Turbo Ford Capri’s with engines ranging from 2000 cm ³ up to 4000 cm ³ and Division 2 cars with less than 2000 cm ³ like the Zakspeed Ford Escort, BMW 320i.

Many of the drivers have become household names in the international racing scene. Hans Heyer, Rolf Stommelen, Klaus Ludwig, Manfred Winkelhock, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Harald Ertl and Toine Hezemans, to name a few.

Source: Bsimracing

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