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Island Scenery Release Tasmania Inner Sister Island For Prepar3D V4

Developer Island Scenery has released Tasmania Inner Sister Island for Prepar3D V4, which includes both the airport and also island scenery.

The airport, Inner Sister Island Airport (FI01) is located on the island and has two runways, both 500m in length. What makes it scenic is the mountains to the East and the ocean on the west.

As for the island itself, it’s part of the Sister Islands Conservation area with a small land area of just 2.89 square miles.

The product features high-resolution building textures, 3D people and manually placed autogen and other 3D objects.

You can buy it from simMarket for 12.50 Euro (excluding tax).


High-resolution building textures
Accurate AFCAD file
Excellent night lighting
3D people
Optimized for excellent performance
Small occupancy space
Perfectly fit the surrounding ground
Manual Autogen
Delicate trees
Special tone of surrounding sea area
Special hangar

Source: fselite

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