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iRacing Deployed 2019 Season 1 Patch 2

iRacing deployed the 2019 Season 1 Patch #2 for their online racing simulation. This update contains a healthy list of fixes and improvements further enhancing various areas of the popular sim racing platform.

(Screenshot by Jean-Christophe Bouchat)

iRacing BETA Interface Update Release Notes [00.10.108]
Active Practice Sessions can now be launched from the Open Practice tab of the Official Series section on the interface.
The License column has been added to the Pending Sessions in the table view.
Performance improvements have been made for browsing the Official Sessions section at peak usage times.
Time of Day
Updates have been made to how Session Duration is handled using the Time of Day options.
– – A reference table has been added to this section to show the duration of each Session type in a race weekend and if any of them exceed 32 hours in simulated length. This table is accessible from the Time Limit panel of the Session Options. – – A red warning pill will now be displayed on the duration slider for scheduling server time if the Session duration is exceeded.
– – An alert message is displayed if any Sessions’ simulated lengths are in excess of the allowable maximum of 32 hours.
Time Attack
The Time Attack Results page has been completely rewritten.
– – This should solve many of the issues seen with it in past releases and make it faster and more reliable.
When hitting “back” from League search, results are now auto-submitted to show the pool of results again.
Removed the pound sign (#) from the “# of League Members” column when viewed in table-view.
League Owners may now correctly boot League Members.
A confirm dialog has been added for creating a new League, as this action uses currency.
A modal menu has been added to recharge iRacing Credits when creating a League if you do not have sufficient funds to create the League.
Hosted League Session names are no longer being set automatically.
Checking off multiple tags now returns content that matches any of the selected tags, instead of all selected tags together.
Paint Kit
Fixed several issues where the Paint Kit could say “Changes Not Saved!” when in fact the changes were saved.
The Update button will now only be processed once, even when both a car and a track need updates when using the interface in the table view.
iRacing Simulator Update Release Notes [2019.01.09.01]
Fixed an issue where crowds would not fade correctly when the environment was foggy.
Fixed an issue with nVidia3D not rendering the sky correctly.
Heat Racing
Fixed an issue that was allowing a Session in a Heat Racing Event to back-up in time if one or more sessions prior to it ended up being skipped.
Pit Stops
Fixed an issue where a tire could move under your car during a pit stop with the animated NASCAR pit crew.
Fixed an issue that prevented switching to the “@TEAM” radio frequency using the “@transmit” chat command.
Admin Commands
Fixed the chat output error message for trying to make a user an Admin when the user is already an Admin.
Text chat macros now properly ignore any trailing “$” characters at the end of a line when typing macros into the chat window.
– – The “$” character is only applied when typing commands into the text chat macro box and it indicates the command should be executed immediately, it has no meaning when typed into a chat window directly.
A new telemetry value, “DRS_Count” has been added that counts how many times DRS was used on the Formula Renault 3.5.
Dallara F3
Adjustable master cylinders have been added to fine-tune brake feel. A realistic range of master cylinder diameters has been implemented.
– – Maximum pedal force and brake pad friction have also been adjusted so line pressures are in a realistic range.
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car (991)
An update has been made to the V6 tire construction and compound. These changes should provide faster response without losing over-the-limit controllability.
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Fixed an issue where segments of the track could sometimes appear transparent.
The Chili Bowl
A new dynamic track initialization algorithm has been applied to this track, which adjusts the berm’s water content.
– – This should make racing on the berm impractical.

Source: Bsimracing

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