About Us

Ausimtech is a global technology company who provide simulation solutions for training, R&D and entertainment. Our solutions cater for military and civilian organisations as well as education providers and the general public. Ausimtech develop engaging, medium-fidelity, cost effective simulation technologies that are easy to deploy.


Founded in 2015, Ausimtech was established to support the growing need of cost effective training solutions without compromising the value of the virtual experience. Providing a realistic effect through the design of our D-BOX motion enabled simulators, end users are able to experience a new level of immersion within real life scenarios.

Having provided solutions to Defence and leading Tertiary Institutions our product has also gained traction in the commercial and private markets.  Our relationships with internationally renowned hardware and software providers has positioned us as a flexible provider of solutions across all industries.

The name Ausimtech was originally intended to be an abbreviated version of Australasian Simulation Technology, although when pronounced correctly it also perfectly describes the solutions that we supply “Awesome Tech”!

Our team share an array of experience in IT, simulation, manufacturing and business development making us the ideal solution provider.



Providing optimal effect through the design of our motion enabled simulators, end users are able to experience a new level of immersion within real-life scenarios.


Our modular approach means we can easily customise our solutions to simulate a wide range of vehicles, aircraft and environments.

Easy to Deploy

With low electrical power requirements our simulators can be configured to allow for easy deployment and transportation.

Cost Effective

As medium fidelity solution providers, our tailored product has opened up simulation to all industry, whether commercial or private.