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HTC Vive Pro McLaren Edition

Back in May, McLaren and HTC announced a multi-year partnership making the Vive Pro headset the official VR device for McLaren’s eSports competition. Now HTC and McLaren unveiled a limited edition of the Vive Pro VR headset which comes accented in Vive Bleu and the racing team’s signature color orange. The unit (including 2.0 base stations and controllers) is packaged in a box featuring its own McLaren themed artwork. Technically, the HTC Vive Pro McLaren Edition is identical to the regular Read More...

VR Takes The Next Step Forward With The Vive Pro And Vive Wireless Adaptor

Back in the 90s, companies tried making virtual reality a thing, most notably Nintendo, whose Virtual Boy was so distasteful that it caused people to abandon the entire category for the next 20 years. But then in 2016, headsets from Oculus and HTC/Vive showed that the VR experiences people had been writing about in scifi books for years were finally within our reach. That brings us to now, at CES 2018, where Vive is taking the next step forward in VR with the new Vive Pro head-mounted display Read More...
VR Simulator Ausimtech Flight D-BOX

Coming To Terms With VR, AR, MR

Digital EMA’s newest white paper focuses on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) definitions. The white paper was unveiled last week by co-author Jason Peterson, CEO of ContentBridge Systems, at the Digital EMA Forum at the Los Angeles Entertainment Summit. “Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality Definitions” provides 50 definitions of terms that are important to understand VR, AR, and MR technology and experiences. Co-authoring the white paper along with Peterson was Ramón Bretón, CTO Read More...
ZephVR VR Racing Driving Flight Simulation Oculus HTC Vive

ZephVR – Real Wind for Virtual Reality

After only launching on November 2nd, the crowd funding campaign for ZephVR, a VR fan accessory designed to “add realistic wind at the right moments” achieved its $30,000 goal on Kickstarter after just a few hours. Weasel Labs, ad VR hardware start-up, has now raised over $41,000 half way through its now popular campaign. The new addition to VR promises to further immerse users and will be compatible with all major console and PC based VR systems including HTC Vive, Read More...

World’s first 8K VR headset races past crowdfunding goal on first day

This VR headset promises to eliminate the screen door effect associated with current hardware. It remains to be seen if VR will ultimately prove a passing fad or has the legs to go the distance. Pimax is betting on the latter, and you can too, if you’re interested in what the company is pitching—the world’s first 8K resolution VR headset. It took all of just a few hours for Pimax and its highly hyped VR headset to blow past its $200,000 Read More...

360degree treadmill … is this the future of virtual reality gaming

Check out this 360degree treadmill … is this the future of virtual reality gaming? Source: Insider Read More...